Flite Padded Neoprene Old School Style BMX Seat Cover White

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Brand New  Re-Release Flite Padded Neoprene Old School Style BMX Seat Cover 

  • Color: White
  • Material: Neoprene
  • Made In: USA
  • Manufacturer: Flite
  • Weight: 100gm
  • Size: Since the material stretches, dimensions are probably not very useful. However, the seat that this cover is installed on in the picture is a Viscount Dyna which is 11" long and 5 3/4" inches at it's widest point. This is right at the upper limit of what this cover will fit on, so if your seat is any larger than that, it probably won't fit.
  • Shown installed on a seat for illustrative purposes - seat is not included
  • These are brand new Flite seat covers made by the same company, in the same building, using the same patterns and cutting dies, and many of the same employees from the 1980's
  • These are not NOS

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  • Manufactured by: Flite