Dia-Compe M7 Brake Lever Threaded Barrel Adjuster - Pruple

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Aluminum alloy threaded brake lever barrel adjuster with lock nut

How do I know what size I need?

These M7 adjusters fit most mid and new school BMX levers with threaded adjusters - but as always, please measure before ordering.

The other popular size is M10 which is typically on mountain bike levers and some high end BMX levers.

There is a pretty big difference between 10mm and 7mm so getting the right one is easy enough if you measure the diameter of the threaded section of your current adjusters.

M6 is a third size, but M6 adjusters are typically used on calipers, not levers. These do fit Dia-Compe Tech 77 levers. For all others, please measure your lever before ordering.

Color: Purple Anodized with Black lock thumb ring "nut"
Size: M7 X 1.0 X 18mm
Sold: Individally

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  • Manufactured by: Dia-Compe